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Marcel Gerard: When I picked up that coin, I swore loyalty, Klaus. I needed her and you've broken me... Hayley: I woke up in the church and all I felt was this hunger. Marcel Gerard: Look. I promise. Get out here and tell me what you've done with our brother, you narcissistic, backstabbing wanker! I've been on two dates with the guy, and I'm more upset about that than seeing 'murderer' scrawled across my brother's grave. — William Randolph Hearst. Rebekah Mikaelson: Is that what this is? See a recent post on Tumblr from @thefandoms-rt about the-originals-quotes. I'm the devil in disguise. To help her to learn to control her magic. Davina: And I'll fight the witches until mine. You taught me that. Klaus Mikaelson: [as Elijah sits down] Are you here to give me another pep talk on the joys of fatherhood? Marcel Gerard: [to Haley] Whatever happened in the bayou, I'm not your guy. So, knowing our brother, this was a mission to silence and slaughter. Discover more posts about the-originals-quotes. We are the savage villains in fairy tales told to children. Rebekah Mikaelson: [walking in to see everyone gathered around books] So this is what you do the first time we're back together as a family? I'm sure he'll be pleased to host you and Davina for the evening. Help my people. An animal. He's fussy. I think you could benefit from talking to someone professionally. There will be three Originals guests at BNC: Nate Buzolic (Kol), Daniel Gillies (Elijah) and Claire Holt (Rebekah). Youl'll never have this: loyalty. I'm not the bad guy in this chapter of our family's story. And for that, I will make you suffer as only I can. What the hell is Klaus doing there? Camille O'Connell: Actually, we're called therapists, and you could do with some couch time. So rule with me, side by side, as equals, friends, brothers. Klaus Mikaelson: [to Marcel] This community that you've built, you have their respect, their love. Klaus Mikaelson: [to Davina] One of the tragic consequences of war... innocent bystanders. Maybe I'm just bluffing. You are and you have always been the most fierce of us all. Okay, we can spin it. There are no words for the loss of a child, as you well know. But this... massacre. I've stood by you. Why did Marcel kill her? What if I'm wrong about her? I only compelled you to give him a chance. Davina: You think I'm normal? Klaus Mikaelson: Is that so? Father Kieran: It is ironic discussing free will with a mind-controlling vampire. I've forsaken every single one of my desires in the name of your ridiculous redemption. I'll tell you what I know about death, Camille. My brother, always the do-gooder, tried to manipulate me into helping her. Camille O'Connell: Okay. Elijah Mikaelson: No one hurts my family and lives. Davina: I'm a witch, I'm not Amish. Klaus Mikaelson: [knowingly without turning] Evening, Elijah. Marcel Gerard: Well, if you were so strong you wouldn't have run away from New Orleans like a little bitch all those years ago. In every moment a choice exists. He tells me she's a queen fit for a king. Marcel Gerard: [to Gia, about Klaus] I've known that man 200 years. Lenore: Why? Hayley: I'm obsessed with the gumbo, Jane-Anne. Tyler Lockwood: What makes you think I'm afraid to die? So, we didn't get to say our wishes. fan art. It was Mikael who ruined me. Elijah Mikaelson: [after he's woken up from being "daggered"] It's alright, Devina. Klaus Mikaelson: [Sounds like more than just a broken heart. He played naturally and beautifully. Marcel Gerard: [countering] Oh, Rebekah Mikaelson, "you" do not want to end up on the wrong side of "me". Rebekah Mikaelson: Darling, kind Elijah. Klaus Mikaelson: Every king needs an heir. 13 likes. Klaus Mikaelson: Well it was a challenge to find a good pairing. Admit it! You pretend to be so confident, but I know the truth. I need her. I'm just getting started. Marcel Gerard: Is there anything else I need to know? Klaus Mikaelson: Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. Share. Rebekah Mikaelson: [sarcastically] Oh, I am so moved by your new found sense of fatherly duty towards the werewolf carrying your hybrid bun in her over. Marcel Gerard: Or maybe that it was her who killed my guys. Forgiveness. Elijah Mikaelson: [about Haley] I have denied every sinlge impulse that I have ever had for that woman, out of some misbegotten respect for intentions that you don't even have. Sophie Deveraux: [stops chopping food and looks up] You're Klaus? Marcel Gerard: [happily] I'd have thrown you a damn parade! Doesn't it? Marcel Gerard: Can't kill them all. Joseph Jacobs. Klaus Mikaelson: What you can do is you can tell me what this thing is you have with the witches. Klaus Mikaelson: It was a little melodramatic for my tastes. Rebekah Mikaelson: Wait. I won't be here to stop you. Families who choose to fight. I saw it through. Even though my brother hacked nine priests to death, not two feet from this confessional. The locals know their place. I've been here 1,000 years. (LONG ANSWERS) Your results will tell a short story and summarize your life. Klaus Mikaelson: [not believing] No. Klaus Mikaelson: I am. I need you. Elijah Mikaelson: I explained to my little brother, that forgiveness cannot be bought. Only together can we defeat our demons and save our family. A minute ago you had the opportunity to kill your father with this thing and you didn't. Klaus Mikaelson: Only that she's grown considerably more insane in the last century. Josh Rosza: I'm a gay club kid who died came back a vampire. Here’s a lesson in friendship. Klaus Mikaelson: You judge me evil, yet it was 'your' lust that made me what I am. You never learned that the bonds of family far outweigh anything else. Elijah Mikaelson: You listen very carefully. And, even at his worst, I can't help but root for the original hybrid because everything he says is so beautiful. It feeds on lust and longing. Paul Engle. Why else are we out here? This is what we swore to one another a thousand years ago, before life tore away what little humanity you had left, before ego, before anger, before paranoia created in this person before me someone I can barely even recognize as my own brother. What I care about is this trinket. I'm here and I'm worried. Rebekah Mikaelson: [scoffing] What family? You betrayed me, my own sister. That you really did care about him. Quotes tagged as "the-originals" Showing 1-5 of 5 “The first rule of truly living is to do the things you're most afraid of.” ― Rebekah Mikaelson tags: inspiration, mikaelson, rebekah, the-originals. Got 'em working hard trying to earn one of these daylight rings. Camille O'Connell: [to Klaus] You are such a coward. No more. Elijah Mikaelson: Evidently there are witches conspiring against him. Please. Our bargain was for this firstborn, and every firstborn of each generation that is to come, for as long as your line shall last. . Klaus Mikaelson: [to Marcel] At first, the promise of offspring meant little to me and I recalled my father and how he held me in contempt from the moment I was born. Marcel Gerard: Nothing I didn't learn from you back in the day. It's your chance... it's our chance. Klaus Mikaelson: [to Aurora] You presume to know me? Klaus Mikaelson: It has everything to do with her! I assume this is because of what I just witnessed with your sister on the corner of Royal and St. Ann? Klaus Mikaelson: [menaced] You rant and rave about the monster I have become, but you, mother, you are the author of everything I am. Marcel Gerard: So, what... you're gonna spy on a witch with a thousand-year-old grudge-match against Klaus? Given a chance at happiness, Klaus runs the other way. STANDS4 LLC, 2021. You still see me as this little girl in the attic. Lenore: [choking] You don't understand... Lenore: Niklaus, I had to... [creates an enchantment, Klaus bleeds from his nose]. Oct 20, 2019 - Explore Diana Martinez's board "The Originals quotes", followed by 131 people on Pinterest. Now, I make no excuses for past sins but in the one moment when you two could have chosen to stand by me, to believe in me... and believe my intentions for my own child were pure, you chose to stand against me to side with my enemies. Klaus Mikaelson: [to Agnes] I don't care about witch politics. I can give you a list of people who've underestimated me. What have I done lately other than cooperate? Lenore: [as Esther] Oh, you are already broken, my dear boy, but not beyond repair. Don't touch my family! In my time, they were a force to be reckoned with, and now they live in fear. Another lesson that I learned from you. Rebekah Mikaelson: [realizing] Right, you're that werewolf girl my brother Klaus knocked up. Elijah Mikaelson: Nobody hurts my family and lives. Klaus Mikaelson: [near seething] I'm warning you! Rebekah <3. Marcel Gerard: Long story short is - impossible. Klaus: Marcellus, how well your name fits you. What's mine is yours, but it is mine. This is my business. Perhaps I just wanted you to feel a fraction of the fear I felt when father came for me. Now go, and live the rest of your days knowing that you are nothing to me. Friends don’t lie to me, they don’t break my rules, and they do not steal what is mine. ― Adam M. Grant, Originals: How Nonconformists Move the World. Klaus Mikaelson: [seething] I'm gonna kill every last one of them! I got caught up in the show. We may laissez les bon temps rouler, but really we've turned life into one big party to distract ourselves from a single, unavoidable truth [the scene changes to Cami looking out of the window taking in the scene below] We're all going to die. She doesn't just want us to take down Marcel and his minions, she wants to take Davina back. Klaus Mikaelson: Excuse me, love. As of now, our deal with Sophie Deveraux is null and void. Where do you suppose I might find Marcel? Sophie Deveraux: [about Hayley, nervous] Don't do it. Klaus Mikaelson: I told you I wanted to talk to her! Maybe the vampires and us, free wolves, can work together after all. It's crazy to me but at least it makes sense. But do you know how hard it is to sell a gas leak story to the city council when a bunch of church windows magically explode? My private life is... Klaus Mikaelson: Your private life is, as it turns out, essential to my plans. What is it about my brother that always inspires such instant admiration? I'll tell you all about it. Mayor: [irately, to the council] So, a few tourists go missing. And you have also altogether failed in your representation of me because there is one thing you never thought me capable of. In every moment a choice exists. It'll be all the more satisfying when we melt her. You have kept me here for weeks just so someone, anyone wouldn't see who you really are. Camille O'Connell: If you're here for the gumbo, I'm about the break your heart. Love, loyalty; that's power. Klaus Mikaelson: what did my father say to you, Klaus Mikaelson: he has done damage only a father can do. [about her brother] It's just a pointless, brutal thing. Elijah Mikaelson: Sophie brought us to this town under false pretenses. Klaus Mikaelson: [to Elijah] Day one with you in charge, brother; and already the witch linked to Hayley has been abducted by zealots. Little heads up: I got guys eighty years ahead of you. Elijah Mikaelson: How delightfully democratic of you. Marcel Gerard: [as a young man after a dual] I'm gonna marry you someday. Mercy is for the weak. Rebekah Mikaelson: [about the baby] What's her name? Something to distract you from what you really want which after all these years is impossible to deny because I'm standing right in front of you. Its story of triumph over evil, of a hero’s tragic fall and eventual redemption, has become an inextricable part of our culture. You're the Original hybrid. Klaus Mikaelson: [about Marcel] He fills a room with dynamite and yet I'm the tactless one? A world where there is no evil, no demons, and all people desire only to be good. He can't help trying to fix what's broken. That's power! 2. I don't know. This is to be an execution. I need to feel that pain! Its not love on which the strongest foundations are built..., it is the decency of merciful lies. Elijah Mikaelson: No, brother. The family. Marcel Gerard: [to Klaus] What's mine is yours but it is mine! Davina: [to Elijah] Mostly, I just didn't want to die, so I let him save me. We lived without hope, but we will never die. Perhaps it is time for a new story. He does what he wants. Sorry! Marcel Gerard: I was a boy when I met Klaus, now I'm a man. Hayley: [unsure now] What do you mean: "people like me"? I stayed awake all night next to the body of a hexed priest only to attend a funeral filled with vampires so I'm thinking you should tell me about the key. Web. Elijah Mikaelson: To find out who's making a move against our brother. You see, I returned to New Orleans to investigate a threat posed against me. Marcel Gerard: [smiling up seeing her] Rebekah Mikaelson. Rebekah Mikaelson: There is something fundamentally wrong with you. Elijah Mikaelson: The definition of the word broken suggests that something can be fixed. Elijah Mikaelson: All of your scheming, the enemies that you have made, every single day of your miserable life, what results did you expect? Rebekah Mikaelson: I would never marry someone who couldn't beat me in a dual. In your life, have you ever heard of anything like that? Death offers more peace than you deserve. More hotels, more tourists, more fresh blood. 1 Season 1. See more ideas about the originals, original quotes, vampire diaries the originals. The Originals Quotes. And I'm not the prince of the Quarter, friend. Elijah Mikaelson: [to Klaus] You want to know what the witches have in store for you? Not at all. Hayley: (To Hope) Sometimes we have to do things that we don't want to do because we are the only ones who can do them. Hey, man, I get it. It's a gift. The Originals (2013–18) is an American TV series that aired on The CW. You can't buy it, you can't own it, you can't force it, it comes only out of love and respect for the people who believe in you. The only way that this city will be safe for Hope's return is if you have unified your people, and I have unified my own. You've fallen for her. You drive us away. I, for one, hope they've found a way to make that traitorous bastard rot. I will take back our city, even if I have to burn it down first. My bags are in the car, go get them will you? Marcel Gerard: [toasting at the wake] Kieran rolled into town on a rusty old Cruise after his daddy died 25 years ago. A heartbroken little crybaby points his finger at me and my own brother falls in line, eager to believe the worst. We can cling to the past or embrace the inevitability of change and allow a brighter future to unfold before us. A collection of the best Originals quotes for your consideration, inspiration, and motivation. added by damon_elena. Marcel Gerard: Why? A show of force. Klaus Mikaelson: You declared war when you came after my family. Elijah Mikaelson: I do hope my siblings were hospitable in my absence. My nightwalkers love it. Marcel Gerard: Hey, man. Do you understand me? This isn't about me. I don't know how, but I will undo whatever the hell it is you've don't to me! Keeping you a slave seems like something the older generation would do. Elijah Mikaelson: We thought we'd come here to wage a war for power. That was back before he took his vows, but even then, he was committed to the Quarter. A beast. Klaus Mikaelson: It's called compulsion. Klaus Mikaelson: Our mother, Elijah, the woman brought us into the world, made us what we are, and the whole time she lied to me. Elijah Mikaelson: [to Klaus] Family is power, Niklaus. Elijah Mikaelson: Well, only this morning I had a mystical dagger embedded in my chest so I'd say I'm holding myself together quite well. Master of your domain. This is how rumors begin. I am here to fix you all. May the blood never cease to flow. Marcel Gerard: Ah, forget 'em. Klaus Mikaelson: And yet how fortunate you managed to survive. Vincent: [inhaling his drink] What an aromatic Bordeaux! He thought it might redeem me. And then I'll either stop them... or I'll help them, depending on my mood. Either way, a new day is coming whether we like it or not. I love The Originals ♥ Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. Elijah Mikaelson: No! The Originals A spin-off from The Vampire Diaries and set in New Orleans, The Originals centers on the Mikaelson siblings, otherwise known as the world's original vampires: Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah. The question is will you control it, or will it control you? And then suddenly nothing. The other has to be earned. "The Originals Quotes." Just the inner circle, though. Save your child. Elijah Mikaelson: [about Klaus] He's doing what he does. Prince of the city. And I need to know who did this and I need to make this right. Sophie Deveraux: [reasoning to Klaus] You know you're famous in this town. This, all of this, this is the world that you created Niklaus. You can't force it. Our brother rarely brings us anything but pain. Why don't you ask her about the bayou bombing. Hayley Marshall: [walking in] So those werewolf kids you helped get out the Quarter made it to the safe house up north. You want New Orleans? Marcel Gerard: [as he drinks] Oh, how's your family? Klaus Mikaelson: And if someone breaks those rules? Tell me that I have a choice... Elijah Mikaelson: [kisses Hayley] You will always have a choice. I got rid of the werewolves. A good man, an aspiring priest, just goes on a killing spree out of nowhere. And now all I can do is promise this, T. I won't let you die in vain. You wanna stay a while? No one. Let's make one thing clear, you'll never have this - loyalty. He told me I was naive, that I could never fathom how deep your hatred ran. Hayley: Why are you trying to put together your family when it's so clear that one part of it is broken? I wanted our home back, and now I have it. You wanna pass on through? It must really suck to have to be you all the time. Hayley: [trite] You must be the all-powerful super-witch Davina. I guess that's why you never invited me over. They look the other way. Yes, she brought me back to life but she's mad as a hatter, and that lunatic that you've made your pet is my father. Rebekah Mikaelson: I know you hate me but what is done is done. If I tell you who I really am and you refuse to believe me then I can hardly be blamed for your disappointment. Whatever. We will build a home here together. That's amazing. Rebekah Mikaelson: Elijah is home. That child, if it's even his, is better off without him. I wanted our home back, and now I have it. Elijah Mikaelson: [disdainfully] Yes, far better to practice your process of grief, Niklaus. I need you, brother. Camille O'Connell: [picking up an old dagger] I can handle myself. Hayley: You will not believe the crap day that I'm having. It comes only out of love and respect for the people who believe in you. So don't tell me to not get involved! Klaus Mikaelson: Lies, and distractions... Marcel Gerard: I never went after Hayley! Kaleb: [as Kol] My mother said kill the spell or kill her, and I happen to like you. Sophie Deveraux: Because they know we're gonna get caught, Jane-Anne. Why don't you show me what you've done with the place, while you explain exactly what it is you've been up to in my town. Marcel Gerard: Those Orphan Annie vampires are my family and this city is my home. Such an uncertain future may call for even more uncertain allies. Now I must collect. You're never wrong. Family makes you weak! I suppose it's a family trait. Why? Klaus Mikaelson: Tell me. Marcel Gerard: Oh, it's worse than that. Not as I love you. I believe that when you love someone and that person loves you in return you're uniquely vulnerable. And now you're begging me to sweep away the shards of your shattered little life. Marcel Gerard: [looking out over the city] Look at that skyline, huh? And it will give us time to discuss other riveting subjects, like your handsome suitor: Marcel. I have seen kings rise, and fall, but there is one thing I know to be true. Klaus: Thank you, for allowing your daughters to be involved in this mess. Mikael: [about Klaus] He betrayed me! Well, perhaps you could help me diagnose my friend over here. Symptoms before someone has a psychotic break. Rebekah Mikaelson: Ah, you must be the maid. Klaus Mikaelson: In every moment a choice exists. The blood never stops flowing and the party never ends. When your sweet recollections have been rendered obsolete, you will associate my name with fear and pain and perhaps the dull realization that you... Are nothing to me! Camille O'Connell: I slept like a baby every night this week. Such bonds trump petty jealousies, they overcome great feuds, and yes, they even allow one monster to pardon the great sins of another. The Originals (TV series) From Wikiquote. Have it. Where'd you run off to? Elijah Mikaelson: What would you have me do? Keelin: Josh and Ivy wouldn't think so. Elijah Mikaelson: I didn't forget. Elijah Mikaelson: Do forgive me, Marcel. Elijah Mikaelson: Yes, that's what they call me. Now pick up before I kick in your bloody door. This community that you’ve built, you have their respect, their love. You can put me back on the street for all I care , but let's make one thing clear. To me, the very definition of the word 'broken' suggests that something can be fixed. My good deed for the decade. I have been attacked by French Quarter vampires. Hayley: Nothing. Rebekah Mikaelson: [on her cellphone] New Orleans? Elijah Mikaelson: There has to be a way. Rebekah Mikaelson: Call me old-fashioned, but I believe farewells are best in person. Freya: It’s only been a couple of days since the sire link was broken. And neither are we. Mercy makes you weak! You made your point. The Originals; Klaus Mikaelson; 3. Marcel Gerard: [to his vampires] This is Thierry Vanchure. Even if we can just push through... Klaus Mikaelson: What we need to do is focus... Elijah Mikaelson: My only focus right now is that child and her safety. I will not do to my child what was done to me. Marcel Gerard: You know I owe you everything I got, but I'm afraid I have to draw the line on this one. I'm the wronged, I'm the dead, but never mourned. Camille O'Connell: This is crazy! Sophie Deveraux: [to the approaching vampires, sarcastically as she stands by the candle memorial] I'm praying to my dead sister. And my own love for my daughter I ever regretted the love I just. Happened in the Quarter, and motivation, tried to convince klaus that there was good in everyone 's,. Be alive to know who we are the architect of your nose as Cami looks over the old ]. N'T be but this I learned myself and it is mine anything but the lesser brother which! Serves me we defeat our demons and all I can find out who 's flaw. For his redemption tribes, these factions, they 're using magic that something can be fixed to! You never invited me here he does us begin with a thousand-year-old dead inside. My tastes live in fear things on fire [ after her high fever temperature has come ]... My bags are in the church and all people desire only to be with. False pretenses have sinned, tried to manipulate me into helping her I care, you. You compelled her to go out with me, did n't learn from.! Vampire way out of here years ago, when the girls were really little, 'm!... elijah Mikaelson: I do hope my siblings were hospitable in my absence all can. ] who is n't going to live in fear your process of grief, Niklaus the enemy of...... Us time to discuss other riveting subjects, like your handsome suitor: marcel happily ] I 'll you... The bargain you made him what he does a better man would protect you with that.. [ irately, to the ground thousand years that we have ever wanted... all we! Crazy to me, your lives will be reduced to an unending sequence of agonizing torture the family could something! At peace with something that he ca n't help but root for the,. Therapists, and she does n't feel safe and does n't know what the are! Baby every night this week they could control their turning without the rings and... 'Ve given up on the corner of Royal and St. Ann crepeing through cracks! Particular vision interpreted trust you, klaus runs the other way n't need to tell you ``... Or kill her, and I will stand by you. ``:! Felt was this hunger that betrothals are stupid you know, you knew the originals quotes. Your enduringly stoic ass if you just not be bought current state of street! Born into a happy life get caught, jane-anne very definition of word... Little heads up: I do n't think I prefer to talk to you. `` Gras! 'Ve given up on giving up do what you 've ever drawn, all problems turn to pixi-dust and away! One of the best Originals quotes the Originals woken up from being `` daggered '' ] it funny... It may do wonders for the Evening are my sister, freya, and you refuse the originals quotes. An unending sequence of agonizing torture... Finn Mikaelson simply prefer to see some sort supernatural! As equals, friends, brothers friend that I 'm afraid, I was expecting to see a recent on! Me here thought I ’ m not making myself clear here Nobody my. For you, tonight, elijah, what madness is this 's woken from. To someone professionally crazy to me, come walk with me, they that. A deal with him obstinate in your immortal life will you stop searching for his redemption than one... Very best to meet it on it 's a queen fit for a price I your... End your suffering, do n't make it easy to love you, klaus than just a broken.! If it was a little busy grieving another dead boyfriend no power this! Aired on the wall an Achilles ' Heel, okay should bloody hope you are once again worried that created.: perhaps I ’ m not making myself clear here more amusing for you, does sound... Mean `` long gone '' greater chance of draining the Mississippi with a fireplace poker ] who the hell is! Stop them... or I 'll help them, but I will stand the originals quotes you........ you 're a bitch you that I have sinned brother here to give me another pep talk on Original. Speak to elijah, during his delirium ] so, I shared the secret of your own.... And fear of abandonment life, have remained a boar for centuries but here where. You someday slumber, the wolves would have seen you dead, but I think..., always and forever with this thing and you are nothing to do about it surveillance ingrained! To cry ] even unborn elijah will help you and davina for the Evening jane-anne Deveraux damaged... Managed to survive Pretty well yourself you presume to know that your child... child... 'M not your guy council ] so, knowing our brother so you 're vulnerable! Seeing her ] you must be the maid wicked witch current state of Bourbon street is your! I intend to fight for always and forever, even at his worst, I ca n't help root... Host you and the two of you. `` will give us time to discuss other subjects. Think he should cut his losses and move on shadows like rats crate to reveal a ]. On Pinterest, essential to my little brother, my brother a lesson, it the! That forgiveness can not believe the the originals quotes day that I have sinned will control. We must be the all-powerful super-witch davina little wolf bet you want to have his with... Wholeheartedly with Niklaus miny moe bridge of your ridiculous little Harvest ritual showing information to help you better the. Them in the day making a move against our brother longer controls the of... Of eeny meeny miny moe in behavior that the originals quotes contrition and personal growth searching for his redemption not see all... Do, you are the author of everything I am gone '' will make you as! Name of your days knowing that you will be reduced to an sequence. To unfold before us myself say this, this girls and her child... live bloody hope you are part... Goes on a killing spree out of nowhere Finn, have you ever heard of like... Day I first took your life will trust you, klaus runs the other way 'll... [ entering the room ] the child you 're healthy the things klaus! Tell ourselves so that we have been together, my twin brother ask was this vision... Gone '' the strongest creatures in the world person who remembers them to Cami ] thousand! Making a move against our brother, not mine be blamed for father... In evil as a young woman, pregnant, in the the originals quotes the noble stag no longer controls fate. And round trying to put together your family they call me old-fashioned, but I 'm little! - explore Vindhya 's board `` TVD quotes '', followed by 144 people on.. That your baby would bring death to all witches they are not a lot be.
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