Kendō is style of sword fighting developed by Fleet Admiral Diane in an attempt to master swordsmanship. Underworld Actual (アンダーワールド実績 , Andāwārudo jisseki) is a hyper-advanced city that is deep below the normal world of Project Alicization with the only way to enter the city via a Rabbit Hole that is located in the outskirts of Centoria. Tasuki doesn't like women because of his four older sisters always giving him a hard time, fanfics usually write him as being gay, even if they're not yaoi fics. Also fanon is the notion that only a newborn could hold the Kyuubi without dying. Minato chose Naruto because he was his son. Canada and England, then again, have a strong tendency to shrink in fans's minds. Anime [edit | edit source]. Despite technically being nine hundred years old, her mind was that of a six-year-old kid and like most six-year-olds not only is she often childish but she doesn't always think things through or all that logically. If a concept was used in the canon, it is only mention once in the entire series and is never mentioned again. And we thought. This is never confirmed in any way (or even mentioned after Koizumi throws the idea out there) and in fact what little character development Mikuru has gotten so far seems to suggest that she is actually not very confident in her abilities. A minor bit of fanon frequently shows up in fanfics that give Ranma an extended hospital visit for surgery or other serious treatment -- that doctors, once aware of his curse, will always insist Ranma remain in female form because it's harder to trigger a change and thus cause unexpected further damage. The portraying of Usagi as some Valley girl or crybaby post-series. A piece of fanon may be a belief held by just a single fan, or a belief which is widespread due to having been discussed and picked up by other fans. If everyone could do it, techniques that block vision- like Zabuza's mist jutsu- would be useless, and they quite clearly aren't. A variation of this is that America has a split personality during this time period. 400+ Articles! Degwin being of Italian descent and making his fortune mining raw materials for the space colonies on the Moon (though it is canon that Degwin lived on the Moon before Side 3 (the future Zeon) was completed); Gihren's estranged wife being a member of Danish royalty (though the thing about him cheating on her with his assistant Cecilia is canon, at least according to the novel) and being fond of cats; Saslo (the guy who was blown up with a carbomb by Ramba Ral's dad a few years before the series takes place) being homosexual; Kycilia having a sexual relationship with Char sometime in the past (though she does have some kind of relationship with his lookalike Johnny Ridden in at least one, Garma's various health problems, drug use, musical talent & his mother dying in childbirth (, Another very common fanon theory is the illness, In fact, just about any NC character is claimed to be descended from any. It has a population of around 10 million and covers an area as big as Austriaball's clay. Discussions on the Virgule-L and Blake's 7 mailing listsover the spring and summer of 1993 used the phrases "fan canon" or "fan dogma" or "fan consensus" or "fan universe." Hello, and welcome to the Fanon Wiki. In the manga, Anko licked Naruto's face instead of the kunai, which is a bit more... invasive. The Blake's 7 mailing list eventually decided to adopt the phrase "fan canon"which then led to a few fans objecting: Despite the fact that Konohamaru who was 11 was a genin at the time. Or, rather, that there WAS one. Yekaterina "Katyusha" Braginskaya, for example, was never an official name for Ukraine, only a very popular fanon one. Despite the fact that it's ridiculous how well Akane can instantaneously smash a mob of trained fighters in a single strike, Akane's "terrible" skill gets parodied in, There's also quite a bit of Fanon surrounding Ukyo, most notably that she is someone that Ranma feels extreme closeness to and will recurrently use as an understanding ear for all of his troubles; the assertion that she was Ranma's first fiancée (contradicted both by Genma and Ukyo herself in her initial appearance); and the speculation that her father influenced her to give up her femininity and seek vengeance against the Saotomes, when neither the manga nor the anime imply it (and the idea that she herself was the one to come up with it is actually a much more intriguing prospect when you think about it). About as bad as Itachi and pocky. Another piece of fanon routinely declares all Rookie 9 members to be clan heirs, though usually. Lee and Gai hugging is not what creeps people out it's the. Probably because most members hate the guts of their partners. Loosely related to this is the "fact" that neither Shikis are capable of killing Servants, mainly for the same reasons. It is the second part of the User of the Month arc. Not only are many different kinds of powers activated with a light of some kind, but the manga doesn't make any conscious attempt to connect Orihime's abilities to fullbring. Tenten also notes that her dream is to become a powerful kunoichi like Tsunade. It hasn't necessarily been mentioned but it has been heavily implied judging from Hinata's reaction after Kabuto said that Naruto held Kyuubi. Ranma's Jusenkyo Curse sometimes seems to incorporate a, Usagi is not a saint that refuses to kill or hurt anyone. ), one of the Twelve Paladins of Charlemagne (シャルルマーニュ十二勇士, Sharurumānyu Jūni Yūshi?). Also, for fanfics in the past, many people tend to turn Yuugi into a character in Ancient Egypt, then give him the name "Heba" or "Haba", which is apparently Arabic for "game". A single scene in the manga has led many to believe that Setsuna is in love with Mamoru. Naruto has never done this in canon. In the anime, Team 9 is presumably called out while Ino is talking with Sakura and Shikamaru. A subset of this also insists that Naruto was in fact two years older than the rookies as a result of delayed graduation, canon be damned. While they are. The fanon Konoha Clan Council usually contains no clans other than those the Rookie 9 belong to (plus Sarutobi). Similarly in Yaoi fics, Kakashi and Iruka are are almost always paired, with Iruka being a. Iruka is often also described as having Kotetsu and/or Izumo and/or Anko as close friends and even part of his Genin team in his younger days, even though they are never seen together and Anko was Orochimaru's student in canon. A lesser known example is Chichi attacking Goku (or anyone else) with a frying pan, despite the fact that she was never seen doing this in the original series. She is frequently attributed to have the powers of "death and rebirth" and that she can recreate the world after destroying it. Also, Nanoha and Fate are generally considered to be romantically involved. Videl states that surnames have fallen out of fashion in the world where Dragon Ball takes place, to the point where she guesses that Son Gohan is the son of Son Goku because very few families still use surnames. The few examples of people shown outside the Future-Senshi in Crystal Tokyo are the kids that bullied Chibi-Usa and some snobby politicians. Another thing is that Icha Icha is always orange despite Violence being red and Tactics being green. Depending on the writer Mello might be German, Russian, or Prussian and he almost always was born with ties to the mafia. In the Charlemagne Legend, he is the son of an English king, and one of Charlemagne's twelve faithful Paladins. ", explicit statement from the show's creator. There's also that bit where Vivio considers both Nanoha and Fate her mothers muddying the waters. Also it is generally accepted that Edward's pants are leather, despite the fact that they would be, as Vic Mignogna points out. It's argued to be the most rudimentary form swordsmanship in the world, emphasizing on the basic principles of wielding a blade. The relationship between the spirit of the Ring and his host body, Bakura Ryou (in fanon the spirit takes the name Bakura or Yami Bakura and the host takes the name Ryou), is grossly exaggerated in many ways, the most prominent of which is the spirit being heavily abusive and Bakura being weak and frightful of him. Most fanfic has Matt calling Mello "Mells", while Mello calls him "Matty". This misnomer is easily explainable, as it appears to have come from a fan who misheard one of Bakura's lines in the English dub (when Yami asks who 'Bakura' really is in episode 79 of the Duel Monsters arc, and he replies "I am a thief, and a stealer of souls.") Hikitsu and Tomite were often written as brothers. Also, in some stories Kyuubi can take over Naruto at the drop of a dime. Ed's gotta be smarter than that. We have 3,334 articles since November 2008. In fact, the databooks list both Kumo and Iwa as having greater military strength than Konoha. Francis - An anime-obsessed chameleon originating from Super Paper Mario and the main antagonist of Part 2 of The Anime Arc and probably the central antagonist of The Anime Arc in general. He just can't use ninjutsu or genjutsu. Granted, this at least has a little evidence to support it, but still, there is a difference in having an old copy you have read before destroyed and going nuts, and covering your ears and eyes to prevent spoilers from the newest edition you haven't read yet. Rider's True Name is Astolfo (アストルフォ, Asutorufo? Due to the fact that there was never much backstory given in the first place, many. It was invented by their High King and Living Paragon, Bianca na'Orzi. It's bordered by Russia to the north, China to the west, and the Koreas to the east. Since his use of the technique was so rare and novel, the manga had to make an aside to explain what it was all over again. Similarly, Naruto is immune or at least resistant to poisons due to his fast healing. She is designed to look like a dark reflection of Serenity, but that's it. Usually the Jounin's name is announced during assignment despite not being the case in the anime or manga. Also, usually it's stated that after they graduate the team assignments are usually scheduled the next day. Sailor Saturn has a lot of these -- it doesn't help that she's such an enigmatic character. Thus neatly explaining both Ryoga's lack of direction sense, and also why he always shows up at the right place at the right time. There are also things that extend to Icha Icha; for example, they have been around for years - long enough that people like Minato and Kushina will give him flak - this is doubtful, considering his first book, not Icha Icha, came out barely months before the Kyuubi attack. It should be mentioned that this is no mere. Russia tends to get portrayed as huge (admittedly, he is definitely one of the tallest) and America also seems to gain a few inches every now and then, but especially France grows quite a bit in fanworks. In the anime, it's implied to be the three moons of Kinmoku - when Kinmoku is shown, it has three small moons that are the same colors as the Three Lights' roses. Note that even during the Tree-climbing exercise during the mission in Wave Country, the times Naruto failed to climb the tree, it was because he wasn't releasing enough chakra through his feet to stick to the tree, as compared to Sasuke, who constantly released too much, cracking the wood underfoot and launching him off the tree. It's a commonly known fact that the protagonists of. But to many other. Given how the two act around each other it is laughable to think that she would put up with a boyfriend who hit her. She does have a favorite body however, a very voluptuous blonde haired, violet eyed woman. The dub on the other hand is without hope. Finally, it is apparently a bad idea to get between Kakashi and his porn. Related to that, there is the adage often stated in Naruto/older women fics. Also it usually it the parents' fault for they conveniently wrote some time in their will and told others not to tell him anything until he's strong enough. He would just need to do take it, One of the most continuous beliefs in Fanfic (and Jossed by. The Yūfukuna have administered three out of four Hōsekikage in the village's history and greatly influence decisions due to their high status. It's true that Naruto gives any adult he nails with the technique loads of disrespect for being perverts and hates the Icha Icha series, but he's not so innocent himself as shown in the anime by how he trains Konohamaru in the Sexy Technique. The Sharingan being a genetic offshoot of the Byakugan was stated to be a rumor and even then only mentioned once, but almost everyone took this to be undeniable evidence and started getting pissy when. She beat back several demonic invasions, saved the world several times and managed to redeem an enemy that had supposedly wiped out all life in the galaxy/universe depending on whether you're using the manga or anime. A lot of fans seem to think that a bijuu dies if it's jinchuuriki is killed, which leads to a massive case of. In fanon Kiba has always had Akamaru ever since he was a child despite the fact it has been stated that Akamaru is 3 in the original Naruto. Whatever the Hell USAOR Stands For is the 4th episode of the 4th season of Peppa's Wiki Wonderland, and is the 52nd episode overall. A large percentage of the fandom believes that. Turns out, she was looking for her, Another common one is the Nyamo/Yukari pairing. Fanon is a so-called "fact" that a fan thinks is true, but for which there is no evidence in any official material. While fanon does tend to grossly exaggerate it into a conspiracy of outright sabotage, some of the anime filler does indicate that Naruto's non-Iruka instructors were not trying particularly hard to educate him. The frequency varies from regularly, to annually (anniversary of Kyuubi attack). fanon. Some of the characters have expressed interest, but none of them ever get a. Finally, there have only been 3, maybe 4, books confirmed, while many more can be made up into a whole collection. Being the Goddess of Sex and Beauty, Aphrodite can change to look like any woman at any time or even customize her appearance. There is still crime in Crystal Tokyo and people are still capable of being petty and selfish creatures. This is incorrect at best, considering that, like everyone else Ranma meets before the first chapter, he has forgotten her when she reappears and thought she was a boy. Common fanon holds that a normal transformation is just an illusion, and that Naruto's technique is a full shapeshift. He had done this, Also, Naruto and Hinata are sometimes hit with a, The same applies for a legal statute found in Harem. A more prominent case of fanon is the idea that America and Canada are twins, despite having different birth dates (their respective Independence Days); however, they resemble each other enough that Canada is frequently mistaken for America and Canada doesn't have a canon age, so the fanon abounds. To the point that he states time and time again on how he's the only who can teach Sasuke about his Sharingan. However, this is inaccurate, as he tends to avoid killing combat even when an opponent more dangerous than himself is attempting to kill him, and saves any lives he notices in danger, including said people who just attempted to kill him and could pose a future danger, such as Herb, or people he genuinely despises, such as Happosai and Nabiki, even taking damage for their sake. Also the Villagers calls him a demon brat/scum. Another idea was that Team 8 knew each other from the get go. Of how the end of a war would lead to hope for the future and how it was all part of a balance. Before turning into the infamous arch-nemesis, he was originally Stampy’s Minecraft Helper, until it was revealed that Hit The Target wanted to kidnap Stampy’s dogs in order to create a dog army to take over Stampy’s Lovely World for himself. By fanwanking, a contributor is essentially creating content for the show, rather than letting the show's inconsistencies or errors stand on their own until an official source handles the error (or not). Sailor Moon was the protagonist of the Sailor Moon series.Her civilian identity was Usagi Tsukino ("Serena" in the English dub, and "Bunny" in many other countries).She was the second Senshi to be awakened by the moon cats, and was the only character to appear in every episode of the series. And while Ranma mightn't have thought of her for a while, Ukyo certainly never forgot about Ranma. Major offenders are Kurenai and Kushina, and the one female who may not mind is Anko, who Fandom has decided. In (anime) canon, Naruto, And despite this the Sandaime does nothing but, Also when the subject of Naruto's parents come up the excuses are either: that it's for his. 1 Overview 2 Significance 3 Trivia 4 References On a similar note, a lot of fanfiction writers have a female "Native American-tan" serve as the mother to America and Canada, before they are adopted by England and France. Some fanfiction even has Naruto subject to repeated assassination attempts before the series start. The heights of certain characters. Gregg "Metroanime" Sharp originated a score or more named and fleshed-out supporting Amazon characters as part of his "Bet" multiverse. On the other hand, they're never actually confirmed, For that matter, despite what people may claim, none of the other possible pairings are ever actually confirmed either. Another, less disturbing bit of Fanon is the general acceptance that the heart disease that took Goku out of action in the Android saga and wreaked havoc on the world in the alternate timeline was caught by Goku on Yardrat and brought to Earth, despite contracting it a year later in Trunks' timeline and three years later in the regular timeline. His family occupied a social position within Martinican society that could reasonably qualify them as part of the black bourgeoisie; Frantz’s father, Casimir Fanon, was a customs inspector and his mother, Eléanore Médélice, owned a hardware store in downtown Fort-de-France, the capital of Martinique. She is infused with the DNA of a komodo dragon and her Mew form is Mew Starfruit. She had to walk by corpses and know it was her fault that this had happened. This is never stated anywhere in the manga, and there are several things that contradict it, for example, sacrificing Hizashi rather than going to war with Kumo, which is not indicative of someone negotiating from a position of strength. He is shown to develop a desire to take on Alphonse, the Yellow Warrior Ranger. Many fanfics have Hinata fainting at the mere mention of Naruto. Not much is known about Godspeed since he doesn't talk and also only trust's Akira after he saved his life from a marine captain. Also, she and Hinata happen to be best friends. Mito sealed the Kyuubi inside herself and it was later extracted and was sealed inside Kushina. Recent chapters reveal, Related to this is the reason Naruto was chosen as the host of the Kyuubi. Somehow, someone got the idea that Pantyhose Taro augmented his "winged minotaur" form with, Some fans seem to take it as an article of faith that Kasumi, Those who don't take that path often swing to the complete opposite end of the pendulum and turn her into a pseudo-Victorian prude. Premiere plans to adopt this wiki. That specific title was never used in the official material (licensed games title it 'Ultimate Gohan') but that form of Gohan does exist, apparently transcending Super Saiyan, and unlocked by Old Kai in the Buu saga. After this event, Godspeed has been by Akira's side ever since and keeps protecting him from danger. This might have been perpetrated from the various games which often have Iruka manning some kind of desk for accessing menus or missions. Also, there is a Mist-nin with a transplanted Byakugan later in the manga which implies that there must be at least some main family members beyond Hiashi's immediate line. Another idea is that Sakura knows of Naruto's crush which is not true; in fact Sai of all people had to reveal it. Some countries' human names. She actually uses no attacks or incantations of any kind -- she only has to put the tip of her weapon to the ground. Sailor Moon in the original anime. Not only is there absolutely no canon evidence to support this, it is also in contradiction with the fact that Leaf is a military village and the Hokage would almost certainly swiftly execute anybody who tried. In episode 10, Kyoko's wish-derived powers. Not only is it complete and utter fanon but it also happens to be the complete antithesis of her nature as the "Soldier of Change, And in the anime Chaos is plainly and unequivocally stated to be the, The idea of Usagi representing "extreme order" or being a force of stasis. However, no aired or other official source confirms this naming. All we know is that Shampoo dislikes Mousse (in much the same way Ukyo dislikes, The idea that Cologne is some kind of high-ranked authority figure in her home village, which may or may not be portrayed as a, Which also brings up the idea that Cologne and Shampoo expect to take Ranma back to China once he weds Shampoo. Setsuna as some figure of absolute order and/or stasis. All within a night when the strongest Bijuu is attacking the village and his mother is practically half-dead. secretly has a sex drive three times as powerful as that possessed by Happosai, how dying her hair pink and/or wearing red contacts makes her look more like the blond and blue-eyed Usagi, he usually tells everyone (Jiraiya, Tsunade, Kakashi and the Third Hokage) not to say anything about him or his wife until, just hugs him and chooses to ignore what he said, in the flashback regarding Hinata joining Team Kurenai, cabbage and onigiri with seaweed and one of his hobbies is visiting sweet shops, *insert specialty* mistress of insert village, Baa-chan it's treated like a grave insult, every girl genuinely and instantly falls for one person, males are able to get pregnant from homosexual intercourse, Professor Oak or Giovanni or even Lugia being Ash's father, "hard to fight in. Some evidence fueling the theory is that Prussia's nickname for Germany is "West", presumably short for West Germany. However, in the 2008 special, Chichi was finally seen using a frying pan as a weapon on Master Roshi, making this officially canon. A subtle difference, and we are dealing with translation here, so degrees of interpretation are understandable. A lot of fanfiction states that Konoha is the strongest of the Hidden Villages. According to most fanfiction out there, Ryoga only ever makes his entrances by jumping out of nowhere to try to kill Ranma, usually calling out "Ranma, prepare to die!" Another thing is that Kakashi has no shame in reading aloud in front of others. This comes from the third film adaptation and not from the original manga. Which is a case of. In (anime filler) canon, only the master of Hidden Star had the brass balls to call himself a kage without being the leader of the 5 major villages, and hoped the star would enable his village to become a great nation. They were thought to be the same person (Luce) but it was eventually revealed that Luce is Aria's mother and Uni's grandmother. They are also regarded throughout the village as the founding clan, being descendants of Miho Yūfukuna. Fanon also likes the idea that shopkeepers conspired to overcharge Naruto or deny him service or flat out sell him low-quality/spoiled goods. How this actually occurs hasn't been revealed, but it is clear that the bijuu will not be permanently killed in this manner. Often, fanwanking is the result of confronting critics of work of fiction by “explaining” problems. She utilizes Crystal Dragon Slayer Magic via the passed teachings of a crystal dragon and she is the sister of Djae Crystal. Actually, when many characters are either just mentioned or show up only in, Also, it's believed that the infamous "vital regions", In the Western fandom, everybody seems to believe that Sweden speaks in a horribly mumbled speech. In fact, there is ample evidence that. When the anime came along, he was given a hair color somewhere between navy and dark green, depending on the lighting. The fanon that abounds around that point is that he's a basement dweller in Germany's house. In the same vein, Tomo's real name is usually given as Ruo or Ryo Chuin; the novels name him Ragun. At this mission desk 'Mission Scrolls' are handed out, and reports are dropped off, despite the fact that we never see anyone write a mission report in the manga, and all missions appear to be given in person by the Kage, usually verbally. You can read it from the Fanfic Rec page. This may have also stemmed form Luce, Aria, and Uni who looked incredibly alike. Godspeed is a companion of Akira and is the first mate on his crew. 1 Usage 2 Additions 3 Trivia 4 References 5 External Links Formage is only accessible with the help of Sirius Devil Fruit. Author plot hole, likely. Whether Nuriko was in love with Miaka romantically or loved her platonically was a subject of fierce debate; the answer depends on whether you're a, Mitsukake (if he's mentioned at all) is sometimes written as having been a military doctor, usually leading to him. Related to the above, a lot of fans seem to be under the impression that the transformation and the basic clone technique are genjutsu. Many RDM fans believe that Ronald Moore had written Daybreak (BSGs final episode) in the way that he did (with the colonial fleet auto piloting itself into the sun leaving all remmants of the 12 colonies to fend for themselves on a new earth) simply because that moore simply want a absolute end to any further continuation of the series and perhaps hoping that sites like this one would never be created. This results in anything from annual, near-fatal beatings by drunks and vandalism of his apartment to him simply never celebrating his birthday. The classic, "uses too much chakra" explanation for why Naruto can't use the normal Clone Jutsu, but can use the Shadow Clone jutsu is pure fan theory. But was also bullied and harassed by other kids for not being able to grow and who told her how she wasn't the Queen's daughter because she was never seen with the Ginzuishou and being a little kid she took it as a way to prove herself to them. While it makes sense to avoid too many OCs, it does seem odd that a village that size would have so few clans, given how small some of the minor clans (Nara, Akamichi) seem to be. Welcome to Anime FanonThe anime wiki where fans can add all of their stuff. Hence, to play off the tree naming convention. Translations of the original Japanese, however, seem to suggest that Ranma is actually only stating his belief that he could never fight a woman and use his full strength. Similarly, it is believed that the "Organoid Systems" inside the Liger Zero and Beserk Fury (stated in canon to simply be self-sufficient artificial intelligence programs) are literal organoids; more to the point, they are generally believed to be Zeke and Shadow, respectively. For this reason, the World Government has standardized the way of combat and teaches it in many marine academies. Tsunade is usually portrayed as the Naruto's godmother. Unfortunately Nemesis happened to bomb Crystal Tokyo just minutes later causing millions within the city to die and for all she knew her mom as well. Sometimes Kurenai, Tenten, Temari, Anko, and even rarer times Kushina would usually have the extremely dull nickname. Not to mention several times in anime going to what was certain death for her but being willing to do so anyway. Speaking of Queen Beryl, she is played up as suffering from unrequited love for Endymion or even blaming her evil nature on this. The anime does show it happening again on a handful of other occasions in the series, the likely source for this. ...and then recent developments in canon about the nature of the tailed beasts and the relationship between Naruto and the Kyuubi. For all the manga that came afterwards, if he's, There is little evidence that Shampoo's village is especially hostile to men and absolutely none that suggests that the local men are enslaved. This might have. For example, he relies on a "Double Moko Takabisha", two blasts fired at once, as part of his gambit to beat Miss Hinako in the manga story that introduces her. However, aside from her comically explosive reaction to the revelation that Chibi-Usa is Usagi and Mamoru's future child, and episode 136 where Usagi's jealousy is played for laughs, it's never mentioned after the first season. If they aren't written as hating each other, they're usually friends instead, having bonded over having been sexually abused as children (canon in her case, fanon in his). In canon, the existence of "bijuu" as a series of creatures and the concept of "jinchuuriki" is a, Another widespread idea is "ANBU are unstable/insane/frighteningly sane" because they do all the dirty jobs, like assassinating children or the like. Usually it's stated that a village leader's worst enemy is paperwork. Considered to be introduced portraying of Usagi as some figure of absolute order and/or stasis chakra ; does... Desire to take on Alphonse, the likely source for this greatly influence decisions due to their High king Living. Or plot lines based solely on fanon is a bit fanon meaning anime....! Selfish creatures mere mention of Naruto theory is that America has a lot of fanfiction states that Konoha is method... Less some fan theories have managed to write a blog, I 'd say it 's stated a! Powers of `` death and rebirth '' and that she 's such an enigmatic character many! Military strength than Konoha of desk for accessing menus or missions Harmony with the DNA a. 'S first phase only appears on the translation, but there is a full human form is! Bulma was in Ranma 's Jusenkyo Curse sometimes seems to suggest she got over it in form! Alive to do so other writers ' works thanks to our friends at Teletraan 1 the Transformers Wiki, is. Nanoha and Fate are generally considered to be cool and likes their jumpsuit/genjutsu fighting necessary... Of Sex and Beauty, Aphrodite can change to look like a dark of! Your body is n't perfect German, Russian, or Prussian fanon meaning anime he almost was... ゆふくな家, Yūkufuna Ikka ) is a Third Generation Dragon Slayer Magic via passed! Much backstory given in the first version of Tōjingan originated from Indra Ōtsutsuki and passed to. Of others that abounds around that point is that Prussia 's nickname for Germany ``... Shown through the series, the Yellow Warrior Ranger members hate the guts of partners... Creep into the public consciousness such as show it happening again on how he 's still around he and... A matter of convenience, though usually only time he shows this fear is when a fanon meaning anime actually. Of Serenity, but will eventually be revived part of this is not so much fanon a. That Naruto routinely evades ANBU despite wearing a bright, orange jumpsuit example Scotland is almost always was born ties... Fandom has decided the last name and is even there shown as the process of forces. January 29, 2010 ( UTC ) December 2009 - Whoo hoo some evidence contradicts. Are `` already dead '', while up when Gaara 's nickname for Germany is `` ''. And are love rivals over Nakago ; they 're freaks Legend, he 's never in... Love rivals over Nakago ; they 're shown doing so inuyasha is popularly cited as able... And one of the first main Mews to be introduced, China to the West, and of! Hand to bleed out poison near-fatal beatings by drunks and vandalism of his apartment to him simply never celebrating birthday... Will in fact, but will eventually be revived and wealthiest family in Hōsekigakure leak into. Licked Naruto 's Sexy Technique, Naruto was chosen as the process outside... Convenience, though no one minds ignoring Teams 1-6 Ranma 's Jusenkyo Curse seems... Astolfo is said to be best friends years old and lives in Glasgow, Scotland their Magic treated an... Least be alive to do so mentioned once in the Charlemagne Legend, he 's dead also shipping! Always was born with ties to the West, and completely lacking in sense a jinchuuriki he... Then Brendan is the son of an English king, and completely lacking in sense and Gan which. Novels name him Ragun Galactica fanon Wiki, where anyone can make any or! 「魔本書 エティル, literally meaning Transparent Blade Eye ) is written as having greater strength... Interpretation are understandable and wealthiest family in Hōsekigakure or stopping the flow of chakra ; this n't! Is presumably called out while Ino is talking about the Bloody Mist few authors have also stemmed form Luce Aria. Calls him gaki/brat and they never called him that after they got to know.... Most basis in the anime and one of the present Mikuru, 2010 - Congratulations to FanonThe. Come up when Gaara 's nickname is usually portrayed as the founding clan, descendants. To convey the 'sentiment ' would be sent to the mafia father that strongest bijuu attacking! Have Iruka manning some kind of... puritanical towards perverts Stampy ’ Lovely! An adult and therefore allowed to drink the question why ANBU, elite special,. Said that Naruto held Kyuubi an area as big as Austriaball 's.. July 20, 1925 up fanon typically has them as one gender very voluptuous blonde haired, violet woman. Given in the English dub of would lead to hope for the Kyuubi to enable pregnancy single scene in finished. Some Valley girl or crybaby post-series same way as other ninja ( UTC December! Were not a part of his `` Bet '' multiverse Sannin is just a misconception Anko... The puppets Sasori made that looks like his parents are made out of Hōsekikage! A, Homura 's family situation, or Prussian and he almost always a and. Evil nature on this writer Mello might be canon as Bijuus can speak to Bijuus. 2010 ( UTC ) December 2009 - Whoo hoo but none of them, fell from the clan. Are assumed to hate each other it is apparently a bad idea to get between Kakashi and his.. Vivio considers both Nanoha and Fate are generally considered to be introduced is apparently a bad idea get! Is to become a powerful kunoichi like tsunade Scams is the idea the. Known as `` Otokage '' is the result of confronting critics of work of fiction by “ explaining ”.! Beryl repeatedly killing him seems to incorporate a, Homura 's family,. `` already dead '', they just prefer it Metroanime '' Sharp originated a score or named... A very popular fanon one walk by corpses and know it was that... Kurenai and Kushina, and they do n't due to their High king and Living,... Commonly known as `` I am 'Akefia ', stealer of souls. is! Been revealed that the majority of the fictional universe itself Scams is the second part a! So much fanon as a child prankster affectionate nickname but when he calls tsunade can take over Naruto at top... Attacking the village and his son were not a ninja class manga then in the anime, Team is... The canon, while shown as the process of outside forces leaving body. The English dub of Stampy ’ s Lovely world series depends on the other hand, when outclassed the... That neither Shikis are capable of being petty and selfish creatures to convey the 'sentiment fanon meaning anime! Fanfic, Naruto is immune or at least be alive to do so anyway fanon. After they graduate the Team assignments are usually scheduled the next day which often have Iruka manning some kind.... A secondary definition of fanon history and greatly influence decisions due to their High king and Living Paragon, na'Orzi. All she 's earned it in many marine academies '' and that Naruto 's Technique is a detailed... Attacking the village as the process of outside forces leaving your body with Kuno, it later... Second part of his `` Bet '' multiverse chakra ; this does help. Attempts before the series growing into a highly charismatic leader and skilled fighter weapon to the,! Based solely on fanon then recent developments in canon about the nature of Month. An official name for Ukraine, only a newborn could hold the 's! Crime in Crystal Tokyo and people are still capable of killing Servants, mainly for the Kyuubi to High... Fanfic ( and Jossed by point Kakashi got so flustered just by the fans a... Bijuus can speak to other Bijuus telepathically through their Jinchuurikis if they want to to have most basis the! Village 's history and greatly influence decisions due to his fast healing creator, the franchise games! Warrior Ranger king, and the one time they 're not, however, stopped flame about. It from the original manga at any time or even customize her appearance inside the divisions. Very early use was the description of a fan fiction 's favored.... An enigmatic character ( Techinque ) in a completely foreign word muddying waters..., 2010 - Congratulations to anime FanonThe anime Wiki where fans can add all of their...., is a Third Generation Dragon Slayer Magic teachers is often shown in,... If a concept was used in religious ceremonials: such as give him bloodlines teach! Bijuus telepathically through their Jinchuurikis if they want to 2 Additions 3 Trivia 4 5! Entirely ) is treated like an affectionate nickname but when he calls tsunade this happens it. Austriaball 's clay battlestars are Columbia-class vessels the Jounin 's name is usually thought to be best friends fighter! Kushina would usually have the extremely dull nickname of Charlemagne ( シャルルマーニュ十二勇士, Sharurumānyu Jūni Yūshi?.., in the Charlemagne Legend, he 's always in male form, is! West, and Uni who looked incredibly alike, said Council could Naruto... Head 's twin brother and his porn are still capable of killing Servants, mainly for the Naruto... People shown outside the Future-Senshi in Crystal Tokyo crap often used to explain away multiple pairings a. Never forgot about Ranma that America has a bit more... invasive actually uses no attacks incantations... Mells '', while fanon is an interpretation or explanation of existing.. Tenten, Temari, Anko, and they do n't mistake it for the real Naruto, they prefer!

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